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The Name Skirrow - my family history

The Skirrows of Baildon Yorkshire

A One-Name Study in Family History

By Peter J Skirrow ©1997

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE NAME SKIRROW or can add to my information, I shall be pleased to hear from you.

SHIPLEY GLEN 1905 - The man in front of the tree is Albert Ernest Skirrow, next to him is wife Annie Smith, while bottom left is thought to be his future wife Florence Rogers

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Another Baildon Skirrow TREE (supplied by Keneth Gray Skirrow 61k GIF)

LIST OF NAMES SHOWN: Note - Dates are given as year-month-day eg 19970615

When searching Alta Vista use * to allow for possible extra names or initials eg +"peter * skirrow b.194*" - note that the * can represent a character or word, but must have a space each side in the latter case.

Thomas Skirrow b.1782 Idle Yorks Married Sarah Ackroyd b.1783 Idle Yorks
John Skirrow b.1811 Married Lydia Mellor b.1821 then Martha Abbott b.1825
William Skirrow b.1813 Rebecca Skirrow b.1814 John Morton b.1817 Benjamin Skirrow c.1816 Sarah Skirrow b.1826 Ruth Skirrow b.1819 Judy Skirrow b.1821
David Skirrow b.1846
William Wright Skirrow b.1849 Baildon York Married Elizabeth Garth b.1844 then Elizabeth Hardaker
Joshua Skirrow b.18520402 Baildon married Mary Wade b.1857 Shipley
Sarah Skirrow b.1858 Baildon married John Emsley
Thomas Skirrow b.1860 Baildon Mary Skirrow b.1864 Baildon married Gawsthorpe
Martha Skirrow b.1865 Baildon married Wilson John Thomas Skirrow b.1868 Baildon
Lydia Skirrow b.1883 John Edmund K Skirrow b.1873 married Anne Mary Shackleton
Albert Ernest Skirrow b.18771104 Baildon Married Annie Smith b.1881 then Florence Rogers b.1882 Leeds
Mary Elizabeth Skirrow b.1881 Cissy Georgina Skirrow b.18850407 Bowling married Cecil Henson b.18920310 London Maude E Skirrow b.18890818 Shipley Mary Skirrow Daisy Skirrow Florence Skirrow
Ethel May Skirrow b.18981013 John Skirrow b.19110106 Fred S Skirrow b.19131209 Dennis Brookbank married Annie Skirrow b.1906 Wilfred Skirrow b.1914 married Nora then Jeannie
Clifford Skirrow b.19150506 Bradford Married Marjorie Iris Whittlesey b.19221001 Nottingham Mary Elizabeth Ferguson b.19260819 Wyoming married John Gerald Henson b.19170127 Chicago
Maureen Brooksbank Audrey Brooksbank Kenneth Brooksbank Pauline Skirrow
Peter John Skirrow married Hilary Anne Woodward Partnered Patricia Marie Whiting
David Christopher Skirrow b.19510428 Leeds married Janet Lesley parnell b.19570304 Paul Martin Skirrow b.19650614 Derby married Tracey Constable b.19661127
Christopher Mark Skirrow b.19810128 Neil Peter Skirrow b.19840604 Christine Elizabeth Skirrow b.19860425 Rosanna Caitlin Skirrow b.19871119
Lesley Irvine Skirrow b.19590122 Brian Skirrow b.19640218 married Elizabeth Willis Malcolm Ernest Skirrow b.19610415 Tessa Louise Skirrow b.19860528 Becky Anne Skirrow b.19880224 Kate Heather Skirrow 19910215

TO BE CONTINUED . . or contact me for further information
© P J Skirrow 1997