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The Skirrows of Baildon - My Skirrow family tree

SKIRROW - Origin and Distribution

A complete search of all the UK telephone directories (1992) revealed around 150 entries in the name Skirrow. Most people now have a telephone, and most families have an entry in the fathers name, so this can be taken as roughly the number of Skirrow families living. Children with the name will be about two per family, giving 300 more Skirrows.
Most entries concentrated around Bradford and Leeds, with few in Scotland or the South, but a larger number in Lancashire. This would seem to confirm the likelyhood that the first Skirrows came from the village of Sharow, a Yorkshire village near Ripon, a little North of Bradford and Baildon:

Early Skirrows

A search of Who s Who and Who was Who revealed one entry:
Skirrow, Major Arthur George Walker, D.S.O. 1919, b. 26-9-1862 son of Walker Skirrow and Emily Rush m. 1891, served in Zululand, Singapore, Gibraltor, Boer War 1899
Salterton, Devon, died 26-3-1941.
A search of directories for Yorkshire revealed one entry in Kelly s for Leeds 1893:
William Edward Skirrow, 2 Russel St, Bingley, Yorks - Private resident. This simply means he wanted the prestige of paying for an entry, but gives no profession, perhaps a mill owner?
The International Genealogical Index, (IGI) Microfilm, which can be viewed at the Mormon Centres in most British towns contains 12 pages of Skirrows. This is not a complete list, just a list compiled by Mormons, mostly from parish records. Dates range from 1600 to 1836 but not beyond 1837 when civil registation became compulsory, as the data is collected from parish registers mostly. Almost all the entries are from the Bradford area - Bradford, Otley, Calverly, Bingley, Leeds, Halifax, Baildon, and Idle feature the most.
One group of Skirrows, all from Bingley, stands out in the IGI as having latin sounding names; Thomae, Edverdi, Edvardus, Eduardi, Georgius, Gulielmus, Mercia, Johannis, Katherina, and Timotheus. All appear in the period 1669-1679. This could be a hangover from the Holy Roman Empire or perhaps they came from Italy.
Research interests noted for Skirrow are:
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